PP Plastic Sheet

PP Plastic Sheet

1.light,stiff,durability,water and grease proof
2.nontoxic,recycled and reusable
3.various colors,silk screen printing
4.easy to be shaped and printed

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Product Details

Measures of pp plastic sheet


Color:As your demand.
Surface Tension (dyne/cm) 46 

popular density for you reference:

2mm---GSM 250-450g
3mm---GSM 300-600g
4mm---GSM 600-900g
5mm---GSM 800-1200g
6mm---GSM 900-1600g
The thickness can reach 12mm,You can contact the salesman 

to help you design and customize for free.


With the progress of the times, people are increasingly pursuing environmental protection and pollution-free. Today's PP hollow

board is a kind of green and environmental protection material. Another name of hollow board is Wantong board. Most of them

refer to PP hollow board. It is a kind of material which is extruded from polypropylene and polyethylene through the hollow board

production line. For example, the thickness of the PP hollow plate of "Guanliang Packaging" brand is between 2 mm and 10 mm,

while in some foreign factories the thickness of the hollow plate is only 12 mm. The special material of the PP hollow plate

determines its non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, pollution-free, shock-proof and waterproof performance.


Packing & Delivery


Packaging Details

PE film with protective corner,wooden pallet or customized



Lead Time 

Quantity(Square Meters)

1 - 500


Est. Time(day)


To be negotiated

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