Plastic Corrugated Sheet

Plastic Corrugated Sheet

PP Corrugated Plastic Sheet is a twin wall profile extrusion,
connected by a series of vertical ribs, also called Coreflute,
Corflute, Correx Sheet,Corex Sheet, PP coroplast Sheet.
The PP corrugated sheet can be widely used in packaging,
advertising, construction, agriculture, hardware, layer pad industry and others.

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Plastic hollow board (also called hollow partition board, Wantong board, double wall board, corrugated board) is made of modern

HDPE and HDPP materials, which is a light weight (hollow structure).

Non-toxic, non-polluting, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, color-rich new materials,pp hollow board has moisture

and corrosion resistance compared to cardboard structure products.

More lightweight and other advantages to replace cardboard. Compared with injection molding products,the pp hollow plate has a

shock-proof, flexible design structure, and does not require the advantage of opening an injection mold. Simultaneously.

The plate can be flexibly added with antistatic, conductive masterbatch, etc. through the control of raw materials to produce a plastic

hollow board with conductive and antistatic functions.

The surface resistivity of the anti-static sheet can be controlled between 103 and 1011.

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