Plastic Hollow Sheet

Plastic Hollow Sheet

PP hollow plate (also called the coroplast sheet, hollow isolating boards, corrugated board, twin-wall board)
is ligh weight hollow structure, non-toxic, non-polluting,Waterproof,shockproof,anti aging resistance, corrosion
resistance, rich color of the material. The raw ,aterial of the hollow plates is PP plastic, it’s polypropylene
plastic. It’s mainly used in electronics,packaging ,machinery,light industry,postal,food,medicine,pesticide, home application,advertisements,decoration,culture activities,magnetic technology,biological engineering,medicine and health all industry sectors.Is a new type of environment ,friendly packaging materials.

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  1. Light weight,rigid,strong and long-time durable.

  2. Water proof,moisture resistance,excellet weather ability.

  3. Chemicalresistance,impact resistance,fade resistance.

  4. Environmental friendly,recycled use,washable,non-toxic,anti-corrosion.

  5. Food contact packing,virgin materials。

  6. Flexibility. Can be designed according to customer needs into different sizes, colors, styles and

    shapes, tough, compressive, flat shape, the box can be attached with knife cards, partitions.

  7. can be covered with EPE, EVA, flannel and other materials, can play a frictional and cushioning role on products. Therefore,

  8. all kinds of high-quality products made of PP hollow board, such as

    backboard, gaskets, partitions, turnover boxes, knife cards, have replaced the traditional wooden,

    paper and metal packaging products, and become important packaging and transportation tools in

    auto parts, industry, agriculture, medicine, cold chain, logistics, advertising, precision

    electronics, instruments, postal and photosensitive materials industries.


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