4x8 Plastic Sheet

4x8 Plastic Sheet

1) Packing The toughness and hollow Sheet can easily be bent and cut,
2)it can be designed as all kinds of transportation box, mailbox,
display rack, partition, gift boxes, food packing etc.
3) Advertising Board With corona treatment on both sides

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Product Description

MaterialPP (polypropylene)
Width (mm)can't more than 2.4m
Thickness (mm)2-12mm
Weigth(g/sqm)250GSM—3000GSM according to customized
GradeCommon, Corona Treated,Anti-Static,Conductive,UV Stabilized,ect
PackingFilm ordinary packing or according to your demand.




1. Good mechanical properties

The special structure of the plastic hollow plate makes it have good toughness, impact resistance, 

high compressive strength, shock absorption, high stiffness, good bending performance and other

excellent mechanical properties.

2. Lightweight materials

The plastic hollow board has excellent mechanical properties, and the same effect is achieved 

year-on-year. The plastic hollow board is used with less consumables, low cost and light weight.

3. Insulation, sound insulation

Due to the hollow structure of the plastic hollow plate, the heat transfer and sound transmission

effect is significantly lower than that of the solid plate, and has good heat insulation and sound

insulation effects.

4. Anti-static conductive flame retardant

The plastic hollow board can be made anti-static, conductive, or flame-retardant by means of

modification,mixing, surface spraying, and the like.

5. Chemical stability

The plastic hollow board can be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, anti-insect, and

fumigation-free, and has obvious advantages compared with cardboard and wood. Special molding

process due to plastic hollow board.By coloring the masterbatch, it can reach any color, and the

surface is smooth and easy to print.


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