Corrugated Plastic Box

Corrugated Plastic Box

The Corrugated plastic box,Light weight, good toughness, durability, rigidity, high tensile strength, moisture resistance, recyclable

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Product Description


1,  Color:can make according to the customers requirements,normal color are primary color,white,gray,blue,black


2,  Thickness:arbitrary thickness bettween 2mm-12mm.

3,  Width:the maximum width is 2150 mm,unlimited length,if the customers want to pack it to roll shape,the maxi-

mum.length is  300- 500  meters,normal 100 meters.

4,  Yield:5 production line, 12tons per day,360000 kg per month.

5,  Process: various of box/container,knife card,die cut,painting,forming,accembling,hot-press,and other equipment,

available in all varieties.

Packaging & Delivery


Widely uses:


(1) Billboard.    

(2) Screen printing.


(3) Exhibition booth decoration.


(4) Display (indoor and outdoor).


(5) Packaging box.


(6) Cushion material, tray, insulate.


(7) can be made antistatic ,conductive.


(8) can be used for construction  and floor temporary protection

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