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Why Is Logistics Box Brittle
- Nov 23, 2018 -

I. Problems of Logistics Box Design

If the mold design of the logistics box is not good, and the weight of the logistics box product itself is lighter.

Logistics boxes are light in weight, on the contrary, they use fewer raw materials and fewer raw materials, so the wall thickness of logistics boxes will certainly be thin, thin logistics boxes, relatively speaking, toughness is not so good. Therefore, when the logistics box encounters impact, the logistics box will be more easily damaged.

II. Material used in the production of logistics boxes

1. The raw material ratio of the production logistics box is inappropriate or inappropriate.

2. Adding too many fillers (e.g. calcium carbonate) to the raw materials.

3. Production with recycled materials that have sunk.

4. According to the customer's demand, in order to meet certain plastic parameter requirements, special materials were added (such as conductive carbon powder materials were added in the raw materials to meet the anti-static requirements of logistics boxes).

Ⅲ. Natural aging

1. After a certain number of years of service, due to the characteristics of plastics, there will be aging phenomenon. When the plastics aging to a certain extent, the plastics will be very brittle.

2. Direct exposure of logistics boxes to the sun for a long time will also accelerate the aging of plastics. If they are used in constant temperature warehouses, their life can be as long as 10 years. However, if they are exposed to the sun directly, the life of logistics boxes may be less than 2 years, and the place where the boxes contact with the sun is absolutely fragile.

IV. Use ambient temperature

1. Because the raw materials used in production logistics are PE (polyethylene) and PP (copolypropylene), the characteristics of PP raw materials determine the temperature environment for the use of logistics boxes. If it is in low temperature environment, PP materials will become very vulnerable, so if it is a customer in Northeast China, it is necessary to choose logistics boxes. Select low temperature resistant logistics box.