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What Is The Color Of Plastic Pallets?
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Plastic pallet are more common in blue, green, black, red and white. In fact, these colors are not defined by international or national standards. The price and process are the same. Why are there so many colors, mainly because of beauty and usage habits, or a color classification requirement set by customers.

For example, in China, the general use of blue, which is the market latent rules, but also a default habit, so that the benefits are greatly convenient for plastic pallet manufacturers to recycle waste plastic pallets, stabilize the market order, but on the other hand, it is also convenient for some small factories to use recycling pallets for resale. Consumers suffer losses. Therefore, when purchasing plastic pallets, if you need to classify, buy pallets of various colors, and if you don't need to classify, you can buy blue plastic pallets. Black tray fabric is generally used as an export. With the export of goods, most of them are disposable trays. Because of different demand, the general price will be somewhat different. With the rapid development of foreign trade, the quantity of domestic use is also very large.

Therefore, the choice of plastic pallets is generally not based on color, mainly to use the environment and use functions to select plastic pallets, plastic pallets size, temperature range to consider.