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What Is EU Turnover Box?
- Feb 14, 2019 -

EU series standard stackable logistics turnover box is the European standard logistics box used by TOYOTA (Toyota) Automobile 

Company in the world. This series of products use 100% new impact resistant modified PP as raw material, and use advanced 

technology and die equipment for development and production. Because of its reasonable design, high quality, convenient turnover, 

neat stacking and easy management, as well as its high quality characteristics of oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance 

and wide adaptability to environmental temperature (-25 +60), this series of products are suitable for the closed-loop distribution 

system of transportation, warehousing, circulation, processing and manufacturing in enterprise logistics.

This series of products is specially developed for the automobile manufacturing industry. In order to meet the special requirements of

 the automobile manufacturing industry, the bottom of the box body is reinforced structure design, which greatly increases the load-

bearing, wear resistance and service life of the product. This series of products has more than 30 specifications of 600*200 mm, 

400*300 mm, 600*400 mm, 800*600 mm, 900*400 mm, 1200*400 mm six series. It can be used in conjunction with several 

standard forklift plastic pallets, as well as other logistics containers and station tools. It is suitable for various production and 

management sites. It is a necessary product for enterprises to truly realize mechanized handling, modern logistics generalization 

and integration.