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What Are The Advantages Of Plastic Pallets?
- Dec 13, 2018 -

Advantage 1 is durable

The life of plastic pallets is about 10 times longer than that of wooden pallets.

Advantage 2 Reliability

The reliability of the plastic pallet structure greatly reduces the damage consumption of the pallet and the material damage on the pallet caused by the pallet damage.

Advantage 3 Health

Plastic trays are very easy to clean and clean.

Advantage 4 Wide applicability

It is not only suitable for stacking each other in warehouses, but also suitable for use on various shelves. It is suitable for all kinds of truck transportation and convenient for the assembly and unit transportation of materials.

Advantage 5 Special Purpose

Plastic pallets will become more and more popular in the special commodity market, such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Plastic pallets can be made into various colors according to the requirements of different factories, with corresponding company logos and labels.

Advantage 6 Lightweight

Plastic pallets are lighter than wooden pallets of the same volume, thus reducing the weight and cost of transportation.

Advantage 7 Insurance

Because of the damage resistance of plastic pallets, workers'claims for compensation are reduced accordingly, thus reducing insurance costs.

Advantage 8 Recycling

Used plastic pallets can be sold at 30% of the original value, because plastic pallets can be sold back to manufacturers or other entities for reuse. Because they can all be recycled and reused, the cost of garbage and disposal is greatly reduced.

Advantage 9 Protects Forests

The use of plastic pallets can prevent the loss of thousands of mu of forest every year.

Advantage 10 Global Trends

With the increasing pressure of environmental protection, wood packaging (including wooden pallets) of imported products in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries has nearly stringent fumigation and inspection and quarantine requirements, which has had a tremendous impact on the demand for wooden pallets. Instead, plastic pallets have become a global trend.