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Wan Lilong Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd Mid Autumn Festival Party
- Sep 27, 2018 -

On September 24, 2018, another Mid-Autumn Festival, Wanlilong Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. carried out the Mid-Autumn Festival Youth League Building Activity - outdoor barbecue beside Yangcheng Lake.

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Main Products: General anti-static plastic hollow plate, plastic tray, plastic turnover box, wrapped film, trash can, plastic bags, plastic buckets. Products are widely used in: logistics, electronic industry, communications manufacturing industry, precision instruments, biological pharmaceuticals, photoelectric industry, automobile manufacturing, semiconductor industry, household appliances and other industries.

The company has gathered a number of professional technical personnel and professional sales team to provide professional technical services for customers.

On today's League building activities, little friends have gained a lot of fun. In the subsequent League building activities, the hearts of the small partners will become more and more uniform, will work together to make the development of the big family Wanlilong better and better.