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The Role Of Plastic Pallets
- Dec 19, 2018 -

一.Plastic pallets are classified according to their appearance:

  1. Double-sided plastic tray: flat-sided plastic tray; mesh double-sided plastic tray

  2. Single-sided use plastic tray: flat nine-foot plastic tray; grid nine-foot plastic tray flat-field plastic tray; grid-shaped plastic tray flat-shaped plastic tray; grid Chuan-shaped plastic tray

  3. Lightweight plastic tray (suitable for use in export packaging for one-time export packaging or for lighter weight products). Products are also divided into grid type and flat type.

二.Plastic pallets are classified by use

  1. Standard plastic tray.

  2. Shelf type plastic tray.

3.The light plastic tray absorbs Japanese German technology and has a reasonable structural design. According to the international trend, it is the most widely used one. It can be stacked on the ground and four-way.