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The Price Of Pp Hollow Board
- Oct 17, 2018 -

I want to talk about these factors that affect the price of hollow board from six aspects:

1. The weight of the hollow plate is the weight of the hollow plate per square meter. It's easy to understand. The higher the gram, the more expensive the price is, because the higher the gram, the more raw materials are used.

2. The color of the hollow board, the color of the hollow board can be customized according to the requirements of customers, just need to add the corresponding color masterbatch in the raw materials can be, in theory, customers want any color can be, but we advise you to choose common colors when the color requirements are not strict, such as blue, such as Conventional colors are generally in stock, the price will be slightly lower, those seldom used colors when you want a small quantity of goods, manufacturers often have to consider the problem of startup costs.

3. The proportion of recycled materials refers to the proportion of recycled materials added to the hollow board raw materials. Attention, this is the key point. The water in the hollow board industry is very deep here. The recycled materials are the raw materials after the recycled waste is crushed and processed. The recycled materials can also be divided into primary recycled materials and secondary recycled materials. The proportion of recycled materials has a direct impact on the overall quality of hollow boards. The more recycled materials added, the worse the quality of hollow plates, the lower the price, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs and even all the recycled materials to produce, such hollow plates although cheap, but the quality is very poor, not durable, and this is most customers can not distinguish.

4. Hollow plate structure, usually hollow plate is one injection molding, no follow-up processing, the price is relatively low. Some customers have special requirements, need to increase a certain physical characteristics of the hollow plate, such as seismic resistance, flexural resistance, which needs to be processed through welding and other multi-process molding, labor costs are now very large, the more complex the process, the higher the price of the hollow plate is bound to be.

5. The special attributes of hollow plate, such as flame retardant, anti-static, conductive and so on, without adding the same attributes, we need to add some special raw materials, but also adjust the production process, the higher the production cost of hollow plate.

6. The influence of regional market distribution on prices is easily overlooked by many people. First, the transportation cost of hollow plates should be taken into account. The hollow plates are lighter in quality and less convenient for transportation, so the transportation cost per ton is higher. Second, some manufacturers have cooperative agents in some areas, at this time manufacturers in the quotation need to be scrupulous to the agent's price, the price is easy to be high. Therefore, customers in the selection of hollow plate manufacturers have to find a few more factories, try to find their own city around.