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The Difference Between EU Turnover Box And HP Box
- Feb 13, 2019 -

To know the difference between EU and HP boxes, first of all, we need to know what they have in common.

There are several similarities between EU box and HP box:

1. The handle position of the two boxes. The box is surrounded by a new type of integrated barrier-free handle, which conforms to ergonomic principles and makes handling more convenient and fast.

2.Barcode area and label clamp are reserved on the side of the box to facilitate the replacement of customers'labels and cards.

3.The bottom of the box is designed with small grid reinforcement, which not only strengthens the stacking load of the box, but also enables the box to run smoothly on rolling shelves and pipelines.

4.The design of reinforcing ribs. The scientific reinforcement structure design is adopted around the whole box body, which greatly increases the loading capacity and stacking capacity of the whole box body.

5.color. Conventional colors are grey and blue.

The difference is that the design of the opening edge of the box body is the biggest difference between the two kinds of boxes. 

The opening edge design of HP box breaks through the traditional concept and scientific design of the clamping edge, which makes 

it possible for the stacking boxes to be tightly integrated and not easy to slide. It makes the stacking of the box body neater and the 

goods safer and more reliable in the transportation process. The edge of the EU box and the inner surface of the box are designed 

smoothly for easy cleaning. EU boxes are divided into two types, with and without lid, while HP boxes are all designed without lid.