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The Concept Of Plastic Pallet
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Types of plastic pallets

(1) flat pallet. Flat tray is almost synonymous with tray, as long as the mention of tray, generally refers to flat tray, because flat tray is the most widely used, the largest number of use, the best versatility. Ping pun can be divided into three types.

According to table classification. There are four types of forklift trucks: one-sided, one-sided, two-sided and airfoil. 2. There are three types of one-way fork type, two-way fork type, four way fork type. 3. according to material classification. Wooden flat pallets, steel flat pallets, plastic flat pallets, composite flat pallets and paper flat pallets. According to the preliminary survey of more than 300 pallet manufacturers, pallet use and sales enterprises conducted by the Pallet Professional Committee of China Logistics and Purchasing Federation (CFLP) in September 2002, the total number of pallets of various types owned in China is about 50-70 million, which may be far more than that, and the annual output will increase by about 20 million.

(2) column pallet. Column pallets are divided into two types: fixed and removable. The basic structure of the pallet is four corners with steel columns. The top of the beads can be connected by beams to form a frame. The main function of the column pallet is to support the weight by the column and stack it high. The other is to prevent the collapse of the goods on the pallet during transportation and loading and unloading.

(3) box tray. The box tray is a tray with four sides on each side. Some boxes have roof plates, and some have no roof. The box has three types: fixed, folding and detachable. There are three types of pallets: plate type, grid type and net type. Therefore, the box type pallets with pallets around are also called cage type pallets or warehouse cages. The box type pallet has strong protection ability, can prevent collapse and damage of goods, can load goods with special shape and unstable stacking, and has a wide range of applications.

(4) wheel tray. The wheel pallet has more small wheels than the pillar pallet and the box type pallet. Therefore, wheeled tray shows the advantages of short-distance movement, self-handling or rolling up and down loading and unloading, wide range of uses, strong applicability.

(5) special special tray. Because of the high efficiency, safety and stability of pallet operation, especially in some cases requiring rapid operation, highlighting the importance of using pallets, countries have developed a variety of special pallets, here are just a few examples.

Flat glass container pallet. Also known as flat glass frame, there are many kinds. There are L type single side mounted flat glass, single face and fork type, and suspension fork combined type and frame type. The tray plays a supporting and fixing role in the transportation process. Flat glass is generally placed on the tray, and the glass must follow the direction of the vehicle to maintain the tray and glass stability. 2. special trays for tyres. The characteristics of the tire are water resistance, corrosion resistance, but afraid of extrusion, tire special pallet better solve this contradiction. The use of the special pallet of the tire can be multi-storey, not squeezed or pressed, greatly improving the loading and unloading efficiency. 3. long size pallets. This is a kind of tray specially designed for placing long size items, some of which are multi-storey. After stacking, a long shelf is formed. 4. special tray for oil drum. It is a special flat pallet specially for storing and shipping standard oil drum. Both sides have corrugated grooves or side plates to stabilize the oil drum and prevent rolling. The advantage is multi-storey stacking, improving storage and transportation capacity.

In addition, there are national standards for pallet standards in China, such as GB/T3716-2000 pallet terminology, GB/T16470-1996 pallet packaging, GB/T15234-1994 plastic flat pallet, GB/T4996-1996 universal flat pallet performance requirements and so on.

In addition to the container and pallet container unit described above, there are container bagging, container network, tank container, baling unit and other container unit.