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The Characteristics Of The Nine-corner Plastic Tray
- Jul 31, 2018 -

The nine-corner plastic tray is called the “nine-corner plastic tray” because it has nine leg supports at the bottom.

Due to the presence of support legs, the nine-corner plastic pallet saves a lot of raw materials, so its cost is the lowest among all plastic pallets. It is most suitable for use as a mat and for storing lighter cargo. Nine-corner pallets are most commonly used with manual forklifts (commonly known as cattle) and can also be used with motorized forklifts. They are the most unconstrained pallets. The nine-corner plastic tray can insert its nine legs into the lower tray when the goods are not stacked, which saves a lot of storage space, which is not available in other plastic trays. The load capacity of the nine-corner pallet is generally 0.5 tons for dynamic load and 1 ton for static load. It is also the lightest one among all pallet types.

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