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What Are The Advantages Of Hollow Board Compared With Traditional Greenhouse Film?
- Jan 17, 2019 -

1. The double-deck hollow board structure greatly attenuates the severe impact of hot and cold air. The greenhouse is rooted in the condition of no dripping water. There is less fog in the greenhouse, and the indoor relative humidity is below 80% for a long time, which greatly reduces the diseases of the plants planted.

2. The double-layer structure of the sheet has good thermostatic effect, strong thermal storage capacity for solar energy, slow cooling of the greenhouse at night, which is attributed to the covering material with high thermal insulation. It has been proved by records that the ground temperature of the greenhouse is 2 C higher than that of the traditional greenhouse.

3. It has a long service life and does not need to be replaced every year. It has been used in aquaculture, animal husbandry, vegetable and fruit greenhouses for more than 10 years.