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Standardization Of Plastic Pallet Standardization In China
- Nov 21, 2018 -

With the worldwide logistics boom, domestic logistics enterprises are developing rapidly. However, as the basic link of modern logistics, pallets are not standardized, which is bound to affect the healthy development of China's logistics enterprises in the future. The impact may not be very prominent in the short term, but with the development of the logistics industry, its "bottleneck" role will become more and more obvious.

It is reported that the utilization rate of standardized pallets is 95% in Australia, 55% in the United States, 70% in Europe, 35% in Japan and 27% in Korea. In the United States and Japan, pallets are a huge industry. In order to promote the standardization of logistics and improve the utilization rate of pallets, the government has issued a number of incentives and preferential measures. There is still a long way to go to improve the utilization rate of standardized pallets in China.

Corresponding to the new international standards, the revision of pallet standards in China has not yet been carried out. But the revised principles have already been put forward: first, there is no need to put forward the specifications other than IS06 mentioned above; second, China should not simultaneously implement six specifications, but should determine the focus of implementation according to the national conditions, select 1-2 specifications as the implementation standards, and gradually increase the proportion of standard pallets.

At present, there are two different opinions on the selection of tray standards in China: one is the main "long" school, which advocates the selection of 1200mm * 1000mm international standard for rectangular trays in China; the other is the main "right" school, which advocates the selection of 1100mm * 1100mm international standard for square trays in China. Therefore, the relevant departments should standardize the tray standard of our country as soon as possible, and choose 1200mm*1000mm or 1100mm*1100mm as the national standard of our country, focusing on popularization and application, to promote the process of tray standardization and even logistics standardization in our country.

At present, China has established two professional organizations on pallets, namely, China Logistics Standardization Technical Committee and China Logistics and Procurement Federation Pallet Professional Committee. The two agencies will work together to organize and coordinate the revision of China's pallet standards.