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Plastic Turnover Box Transition Product Processing Method
- Jul 31, 2018 -

The plastic turnover box transition product refers to those intermediate products when the different types of plastic turnover boxes are switched and the equipment starts to meet the quality requirements of the produced grades, that is, the intermediate transition products whose performance indicators do not conform to the produced grades. Plastic turnover box transition products are often sold as by-products at a reduced price because each batch is not large. Therefore, for plastic crates manufacturers, reducing transition products is what they dream of.

Plastic turnover box transition products are rare in foreign companies, and can be said to be unique to domestic plastic container manufacturing enterprises. This is mainly because China's plastic turnover box industry is developed by introducing technology, including the introduction of foreign mature patented product production technology. In order to reduce the investment cost, domestic plastic turnover container enterprises can only introduce representative products. It is estimated that the total amount of transition materials produced in the domestic plastic turnover tank production process exceeds 100,000 tons/year, and there is a trend of accelerated growth. This has become a "big heart" for domestic plastic turnover enterprises.

To reduce the transition products of plastic turnover boxes, and finally put an end to the market in the name of "plastic transition products", the first thing is that enterprises should transform their concepts and improve their product lines.

Secondly, a “name” for each type of plastic turnover box transition product is actually required for the plastic turnover box enterprise to do the work fine, to study the use of the plastic turnover box transition product to determine its best use.

Third, the plastic turnover box enterprises are required to strictly manage internal management, and the plastic turnover box transition products that cannot be used are treated as waste materials to completely eliminate the plastic turnover box transition products. In particular, the practice of incorporating plastic turnover box transition products into genuine products should be eliminated, as its impact on corporate reputation is immeasurable.

As China's plastic container market matures, consumers' demand for the inherent quality of plastic turnover boxes will continue to increase, which will prompt manufacturers to produce more special materials to meet market demand. Too many similar products will make the competition more intense, resulting in a decline in product profitability.