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The Use Of Pallets Greatly Promotes Cost Reduction And Efficiency Increase
- Dec 05, 2018 -

For vegetables and fruits, the effect is more obvious. The circulation loss rate of vegetables and fruits in China is 25% - 30% (only 3% - 5% in developed countries). According to this calculation, 25-30 million tons of vegetables and 780-9.5 million tons of fruits are lost in circulation every year in Shandong Province alone. The amount of converted alloy exceeds 100 billion yuan, and the lost fruits and vegetables can be eaten by tens of millions of people. One of the important reasons leading to the loss of vegetables and fruits is that the packaging is not standardized. At present, most of the soft packaging (woven bags, mesh bags, plastic bags, etc.) or bulk transportation can not play an effective role in protection. According to statistics, the use of standard turnover boxes can reduce the loss rate of vegetables and fruits caused by poor logistics packaging by more than 5%, reduce the loss by more than 6 million tons a year, equivalent to economic losses of about 20 billion yuan, and also reduce the cost of packaging and logistics of vegetables and fruits, improve the circulation efficiency of vegetables. According to foreign data, compared with cartons, recycling and sharing of standard plastic turnover boxes can reduce packaging costs by 44%. As standard plastic turnover boxes facilitate logistics operations in the whole circulation of vegetables and fruits, the total logistics costs can be reduced to 23%-40%.