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Brief Introduction To Two Hollow Plates Of PC Hollow Sheet And PP Hollow Sheet
- Oct 15, 2018 -

The definition of a pp hollow sheet comes from its physical shape, and the middle of it is made up of innumerable small hollow lattices, which are named hollow plates.

PP Hollow board is a large range, according to the different raw materials to make it has a lot of physical and chemical properties, it is precisely because of the wide application of hollow board, gradually replaced the carton wooden box and other packaging market.

PC hollow board and P P hollow board are hollow in the middle, the biggest difference is the material, PC and PP are completely different two kinds of plastics, PC is used in building engineering can resist aging and ultraviolet radiation, PP is used for indoor turnover box partition used in outdoor temperature. So the use of the two materials is quite different.

Suzhou Wanlilong Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. can produce 1.5-12mm wide hollow sheet, dustproof hollow sheet, antistatic hollow sheet, conductive hollow sheet according to customer's demand. It can produce 2000 tons of hollow sheet annually and 100000 turnover boxes to meet customer's demand. Fast delivery needs.