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Standardization Of Pallets Promotes Green Logistics Development
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Standardization is the foundation to promote the green development of warehousing, distribution and packaging. On the one hand, it can provide technical support for green development; on the other hand, it can set a benchmark for enterprises. Enterprises can recognize their own shortcomings and gaps through the benchmark, so that green development can be seen, felt and established. In recent years, the Ministry of Commerce has taken the standardization of commercial logistics as a key work, and has taken various measures to promote it. We will jointly carry out a special action plan for standardization of trade and logistics with the National Standards Commission. Starting from the application of standard pallets and recycling and sharing, we have chosen some cities and some leading enterprises in the country to give priority to the promotion and actively explore the green development mode of trade and logistics. So far, we have achieved better economic benefits and social benefits. Benefit. Economic benefits are reflected in: the logistics efficiency of the pilot demonstration enterprises has been greatly improved, according to Merchants Road Kai, Centralized Logistics, Huarun Wanjia, No. 1 Store and other enterprises, after the implementation of pallet transport, the enterprise's inventory efficiency has been increased by more than 30%, loading and unloading efficiency by more than 50%, vehicle turnover efficiency by more than one time, warehouse. Inventory and turnover costs can be reduced by 29% or more, and supply chain collaboration efficiency can be improved by 10%. (It really helps enterprises to achieve the goal of reducing production capacity, inventory and cost.) Social benefits are reflected in: according to monitoring and analysis, standardization pilot demonstration work in 2015 can achieve energy conservation and emission reduction of 108,000 tons of carbon dioxide, less than 950,000 timber trees.

Pallet is the most basic unit in the logistics system, known as the "mobile ground". It has a wide range of applications, strong driving role, and contributes greatly to improving logistics efficiency and reducing logistics costs. According to statistics, there are 1.08 billion pallets in China, and pallets are closely related to other logistics facilities and equipment, such as: pallet size and upstream product specifications and packaging specifications, pallet handling and forklift trucks, shelves, sorting equipment and other logistics equipment; pallet storage and distribution center, warehousing. The system is closely related, and pallet transport is closely related to downstream transport vehicles and logistics boxes.