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Problems That Should Be Paid Attention To In The Use Of Plastic Turnover Boxes
- Dec 12, 2018 -

1. What is the outer dimension of the plastic turnover box? It refers to the maximum dimension of the plastic turnover box without cover (measuring the length, width and height of the outer diameter);

2. The dimension of the capped turnaround box measured by the capped turnaround box: the general height increases by 15 mm;

3. The effective size of the plastic turnover box refers to the size of the lower outlet of the turnover box.

4. The load of plastic logistics box refers to the load uniformly prevented in the range of suitable temperature and environment.

5. Size error, weight error, side wall deformation rate and bottom plane deformation of standard logistics turnover box are positive or negative 3%, positive or negative 3%, 1% and 5 mm respectively. Diagonal variation rate of box body is not more than 1% of the allowable range of enterprise standards.

6. Adapt to the ambient temperature: - 25 ~80 C (try to avoid sunshine exposure and close to heat source).