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National Standards For Plastic Pallets
- Nov 21, 2018 -

First, we should adopt the method of hand-feeling visual measurement. The surface of standard plastic pallets is very flat, no burrs, no flying edges, no cracks, no deformation and other phenomena. The color of the same batch of processed plastic pallets is basically the same, and there is no obvious color difference. The surface of the pallets has some refueling and anti-skid pads to play the role of anti-skid when placing items. The anti-skid pad should not be placed above the surface of the pallet to ensure safe use during transportation.

Second, the weight of pallets should be actually distinguished from the weight of pallets. In fact, the weight of pallets is also an important index to distinguish the quality of pallets. Under the same other conditions, the lighter the weight of pallets, the better the weight of pallets, and the payload weight of pallets can also be titled. So the price of pallets is not very high. The price of new material pallets is generally proportional to the weight of pallets.

Thirdly, the size of pallets should be checked and accepted. The tolerance range of some national standard pallets is very small. The dimension tolerance of flat pallets is generally about 0-6 mm. The tolerance of pallets is closely related to the material used. Therefore, there should be a positive tolerance of <3 MM in the production of plastic pallets.