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Maintenance Of Plastic Turnover Box
- Oct 31, 2018 -

In the industrial manufacturing industry, people often see the use of plastic turnover boxes, but in order to extend the service life of the plastic

turnover boxes, people also need to pay attention to many aspects of the use process, then what are the specific, then our staff here to explain for

you. First, people in the use of the period. Should try to avoid plastic turnover boxes long exposure to sunlight, so as not to cause aging

phenomenon, thus shortening its service life. Secondly, in the use of the process, people are prohibited to throw plastic turnover boxes from high

places, must reasonably determine the way goods are stacked in plastic turnover boxes, and also to evenly stack. Do not gather together, eccentric

stacking. In addition, ring wearing investigators here and everybody said, we also need to pay attention to the transport of plastic turnover boxes to

avoid collisions between the equipment will produce distance, so as to avoid damage to the equipment surface, thus producing cracks, so we must

pay attention to it.