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How To Use Plastic Trays Correctly In Hot Summer
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Plastic pallets are plastic products. As we all know, plastic products change their physical properties under high temperature and exposure, causing oxidation, which will reduce the service life. When it is used, it should be placed in a place where it is protected from direct sunlight. It will be used under normal open air conditions and will not cause damage to the plastic tray. Some customers purchase it and leave it outdoors. It is placed outdoors, long-term wind, sun, rain, causing the plastic tray to become brittle and easy to break when it is used. This is caused by long-term exposure to sunlight, causing changes in the molecules in the plastic tray. Today, I will explain to you the problems that should be paid attention to when using plastic pallets in summer.

1. When placing the goods, it is best to place them evenly, so as to avoid uneven loading of the pallets and collapse of the goods when lifting and moving the goods.

2. Use a plastic tray of the right size to avoid the situation where the goods are placed on the tray and the edge of the tray is exceeded.

3. Correct and rational use of plastic pallets to avoid overweight use, resulting in pallet damage or reduced service life.

4. In the summer, try to avoid storing the tray outdoors. If it must be stored outdoors, cover it with a tarpaulin or other items to avoid direct sunlight.

5. The temperature in summer is high, and the plastic is easy to soften. It should be handled gently when using it to avoid deformation of the pallet, resulting in uneven placement of the goods or uneven loading of the pallet.