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How To Make Pallets Long-term Use And Two Points To Be Noticed In Use
- Dec 07, 2018 -

1. How can the tray be used for a long time?

To this question, the pallet manufacturer Shenghao Plastics gives the specific answer is:

(1) No matter what kind of tray, sunshine should be avoided, because this will accelerate its aging and shorten its service life.

(2) For the way goods are placed in pallets, it is necessary to place them evenly, not centrally or eccentrically, in order to avoid damage caused by eccentric loading. For pallets carrying heavy loads, they should be placed on flat ground or plane, so that they can not be tilted.

(3) Pallets, which carry goods in a fixed way, are mainly bundled, bonded, stretched packaging, and these can be used in conjunction with each other. In the aspect of protection and reinforcement, if the goods can not meet the transportation requirements after they are fixed, then the protective and reinforcement accessories can be used. The materials can be wood, plastic and metal.

2. What should be paid attention to when pallets are used in conjunction with hydraulic trucks, forklifts or racks?

For this problem, the following pallet manufacturer Shenghao Plastics, will be explained separately, so that you can clearly understand, not confused.

(1) When pallets are used in conjunction with shelves, pallets should be placed smoothly on the shelf beams, and the length of pallets should be greater than the outer diameter of the shelf beams 50 mm or more.

(2) When the pallet is used in conjunction with the hydraulic truck and forklift truck, the spacing between the forklift teeth of the forklift truck should be consistent with the outer edge of the forklift inlet of the pallet. The depth of the forklift inlet should be more than two-thirds of the depth of the whole pallet, and the depth should not be too shallow, otherwise it will not be firm. In addition, Wuxi pallet manufacturer Shenghao Plastics should remind us that forklift trucks should be uniform in the course of driving, and avoid sudden braking and turning, so as to avoid damage to pallets and collapse of goods on pallets.