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How Does The Mass Express Package Become Greener?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Recently, led by the Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Department, organized a seminar on promoting green packaging in the express e-commerce industry. Representatives of relevant functional departments, express delivery enterprises, e-commerce enterprises and relevant industry organizations participated in the seminar.

Status quo: there are four major problems in express packaging.

Reporters learned from the symposium that the expenditure of Guangdong Express in 2017 (estimated) was 10.135 billion pieces of express waybills, 1.53 billion envelopes, 4.08 billion plastic bags, 1.53 billion woven bags, 4.89 billion boxes, 8.37 billion tapes and 1.47 billion internal fillers.

The report on the investigation of green packaging in express delivery industry in Guangdong Province (hereinafter referred to as "report") made by Guangdong Institute of Environmental Sciences points out that there are four major problems in express delivery industry, such as excessive packaging, low reuse rate of packaging materials, environmental impact of packaging materials production, and potential safety hazards in some plastic packaging.

Among them, due to the serious phenomenon of violent sorting in the express industry, many e-commerce merchants have carried out secondary packaging in order to protect the goods, resulting in a large number of packaging waste. In the process of packaging, cartons that exceed the size of the goods themselves are used, or too thick cartons are blindly used, and a large number of "invalid" fillers are added to the cartons.

The report pointed out that in the development of express green packaging technology, we should advocate the reduction of packaging, packaging materials used to reduce the size of the main packaging space; transport process optimization, avoid packaging damage in the transport process; establish a new recycling system pilot to achieve packaging recycling; innovate packaging materials and packaging materials. Research and development of degradable materials.

Requirements: environmental protection runs through production and life.

Li Hui, Deputy Director-General of the Provincial Department of Environmental Protection, pointed out at the meeting that government departments, trade associations and enterprises should thoroughly study and comprehend the ecological civilization thought of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and embody the essence of ecological civilization thought in environmental protection and production and life activities.

1.First, we must improve the system. The government departments should administer according to law. It is suggested that the provincial post administration should take the lead in formulating and perfecting local laws and regulations on the basis of the current national laws and regulations, and strengthen industry restraint. It is assisted by relevant departments such as the provincial Commission for environmental protection and the provincial environmental protection department.

2.Two, we must formulate industry standards and technical rules. Led by the provincial environmental protection department, together with the provincial economic and credit commission, the provincial quality supervision bureau, the provincial commercial department, responsible for the formulation of green packaging standards, while fully soliciting the opinions of industry associations, express e-commerce enterprises to speed up the establishment of standards and rules.

3.Three, we should formulate relevant rewards and punishments policies. Taking the lead of the provincial economic and credit commission, the provincial commerce department and the provincial postal administration will cooperate to formulate relevant policies with clear rewards and penalties.

4.Four, we must establish information platform. Led by the Provincial Green Supply Chain Association, the relevant industry associations and express e-commerce enterprises actively cooperate to build an information promotion platform around green production, green packaging and green life.

5.Fifth, environmental publicity and education should be carried out. We should raise public awareness of the environment, advocate green consumption and environmental protection, and reduce pollution from the source.