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Hollow Box And Plastic Hollow Partition To Talk About How To Choose
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Hollow crates and plastic hollow partitions are not universal in all enterprises. Generally, we should communicate with our technicians in advance when purchasing, and clarify the use of hollow crates and plastic hollow partitions, because different uses determine different sizes, thicknesses, shapes and hollow panel manufacturers. When necessary, we can produce samples first, so that we can see more intuitively whether the final production of hollow crates and plastic hollow partitions can meet the requirements of the use of enterprises.

Several common patterns of hollow box, I would like to give you a brief introduction here for your reference.

1. Ordinary hollow boxes: with edge strips around the corner, so that the box more stressed, more solid, convenient overlap, save space; the box can also open a bevel, easy to take the goods in the deposit.

2. Covered hollow boxes: can better protect the product, play a dust-proof role, customers can choose hollow plate cover or mesh cover cloth.

3. Strengthened turnover box: Aluminum or plastic edge protection is used to reinforce the bottom, corner and high edge of the box to provide more comprehensive protection for the articles placed; overlapping force is stronger.

4. Cover-swinging hollow boxes: the boxes are designed in carton shape. The lid can be used with magic stickers. The bottom of the boxes is folded and crossed. After folding, the occupied space is very small, convenient to store and transport.

5. Folding hollow crate: The bottom and the upper bend of the box adopt folding design, so that the box can be folded and stored, occupy less space, transport and storage flexible and convenient. The box is surrounded by strips and movable corners to make the box stronger and stronger.