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Different Applications Of Different Plastic Turnover Boxes
- Jul 31, 2018 -

The shape of our common plastic container is mainly rectangular, oblique wall, half wall and folding. Their characteristics and applications are as follows.

1. Cuboid type turnover box

The biggest advantage of the cuboid type totes is that the stability of the stacking code can be particularly traitorous. In order to facilitate stacking, specific flange structures are usually designed at the bottom and upper portions of the totes and they are well fitted. When two or more boxes overlap the stacking, the stacking between the upper and lower turnover boxes is used to increase the stacking stability. Considering the chimeric stability and ease of operation, the depth of the fitting is generally about 10 mm.

2. Inclined wall turnover box

The side wall of this type of turnover box has a certain inclination. In order to facilitate stacking after loading the merchandise without damaging the merchandise in the underlying tote, the inclined wall totes are typically designed with directional flange-like load-bearing steps that are arranged at 90 or 180 degrees. When the transfer box is rotated 90 degrees or 180 degrees from the stacking position (bottom and mouth load-bearing step fitting position) in the upper and lower two weeks, the empty turnover box can be placed in a stack, so that the empty container stacking space is reduced. . The inclined wall type turnover box is a general-purpose turnover box commonly used for various kinds of products outside the bottle type, and the stacking stability is not as good as the rectangular-shaped turnover box, but the space occupied by the empty boxes is small and the empty boxes are stacked conveniently.

3. Half wall turnover box

Half-walled totes are only used for the packaging of bottled goods. After the tote is loaded into the goods (bottle), the upper part of the bottle is higher than the box of the turnover box, and when the two boxes containing the goods are stacked together, the top of the bottle in the lower turnover box is inserted into the top of the turnover box. The bottom of the box prevents slipping of the overturning box and increases stacking stability. The main advantage of the half-walled totes is that the cabinet is low, which can significantly save raw material consumption. The biggest drawback is that the turnover box of this structure has a large limitation and can only be used for storage and transportation of special commodities.

4. Folding turnover box

The characteristic of the turnover box is that the empty box can be folded and stored, the volume is greatly reduced, and the storage and transportation space is saved; when the goods are to be loaded, the folded turnover box can be opened to form a box application. The biggest disadvantage of the folding plastic container is the high cost (the highest cost among the various totes), and the stability of the stacking is also very poor, so the application is also very limited.