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Development Trend Of Pp Hollow Board
- Oct 23, 2018 -

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the original traditional paper, wood, 

metal packaging materials have slowly reduced, a new type of packaging materials - plastic hollow 

board has been gradually taken seriously to start business, using plastic hollow board instead of paper,

wood materials, that is, light saving, but also environmentally friendly use, which has obviously become 

a change of the times. The trend. The birth of plastic hollow board plays a very important role for consumers

and environmental protection, because it makes the world more environmentally friendly, packaging more economical.

For the plastic hollow board, its many functions deserve our expectation: light weight, lighter than paper, easy to take;

non-toxic and tasteless, using PP food grade raw material polypropylene production, safety and hygiene; waterproof 

and moisture-proof, plastic product characteristics, not afraid of rain; wear and corrosion resistance, can be recycled

for many times, cost-saving; Aging, physical and chemical stability, long service life; low cost, simple processing links, 

cheaper than wood and metal products.

Most importantly, plastic hollow board can be customized according to the customer's industry and use, including 

specifications, thickness, weight, color, printing and other aspects, to achieve the combination of savings and flexible, 

and ultimately achieve twice the result with half the effort, economic and applicable results.