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Derivatives For Plastic Crates
- Jul 31, 2018 -

When it comes to plastic crates, everyone may be very clear, but when it comes to its derivatives may be very strange, how to know what is the derivative of plastic crates.

Derivatives for plastic crates can be understood in two ways. One is a box with different uses developed according to the plastic crates, and the other can be a product that is like but not a plastic crates. . The first product we talked about can be the sorting box that is now common in supermarkets, or the crisper that we use for fresh food, etc. These are also derivatives of plastic crates. The second type can be said to be a product between the tote and the turnover basket, that is, the hollow eyes are designed on the four sides of the box, but the bottom is really flat and without eyes.

There are many derivatives of plastic crates, each with different uses, which play an important role in our work and life.