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Color Treatment Of Plastic Turnover Box
- Nov 01, 2018 -

Color treatment of plastic turnover boxes: industrial packaging products should fully consider the

scientific and practical color, which is also in line with an important aspect of "ergonomics".

Therefore, the choice of color must also consider psychological, physiological and aesthetic factors.

The color effect generated by color emotion must also be within the design plan. In the process of

handling and using the revolving box, people always hope that the things they carry or use can be

lighter and more lively, so the choice of color can also reflect these requirements, which is also a

psychological reflection. Therefore, in color design, in addition to considering a number of other

factors, should pay attention to people's psychological, physiological reflection. The color

treatment of plastic revolving box should fully display its neatness, hygiene and comfort. Lots of

revolving boxes stacked there can not give people a feeling of boring loading, but should give people

a feeling of comfortable color decoration.