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Wide Application of PP Hollow Board
- Jan 17, 2019 -

The application of central control board is more and more extensive. Hollow board belongs to plastic products. It has waterproof characteristics. It can be made into hollow board turnover box or hollow board packaging box for the turnover of goods and packaging and transportation. Hollow board turnover boxes and packing boxes made of hollow plates with special properties can be used in some occasions with special requirements, such as anti-static hollow plates, because they can effectively remove static charges and prevent the generation of static electricity. Such boards are made into anti-static hollow plate turnover boxes, which are usually used by electrical and electronic enterprises to load and discharge electronic components because of the capacities of electronic components. It is easy to avoid the burnout of electrostatic charge, so when storing or turning around, the container containing the discharge electronic components must be able to remove the electrostatic charge, which can effectively reduce the loss of enterprises in the production process, but also ensure the failure rate of electronic products.


In today's society, the demand for environmental protection is getting higher and higher. Logistics industry has also begun to abandon the use of traditional paper packaging boxes, slowly turning to the use of hollow board packaging boxes. The structure of hollow board packaging boxes is more effective than the traditional paper packaging boxes in protecting the integrity of products. The service life of the hollow board packaging boxes is more than 20 times that of the paper packaging boxes. The most important thing is the hollow board packaging boxes. It can be waterproof, even if it is rainy during transportation, it will not affect the products inside.