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Why is polyprolene plate sheet called universal board
- Sep 07, 2018 -

1.polyprolene plate sheet has good stability, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and durability.

2. Generally, the density of polyprolene plate sheet is smaller than that of metal.

3. Good electrical insulation. Most polyprolene plate sheet have excellent electrical insulation. Therefore, plastic wantong plates are widely used in the fields of electronics, electrical, communication and instruments.

4. The mechanical properties of polyprolene plate sheet are good, and many structural components can be made.

5. Good barrier of polyprolene plate sheet, able to make various containers, with good waterproof and waterproof functions.

6. With good processing capability, the products with complex shape, stable size and excellent quality can be made in a short time by injection molding. In addition, the polyprolene plate sheet also has good wear resistance, self-run, shock absorbency, adiabatic, electroplating, welding, light transmittance and so on.