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Why are plastic turnover boxes with price differences and material requirements?
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Plastic turnover box is a kind of turnover box, which is one of the website products and keywords. Moreover, it is also one of the common types of turnover boxes. Therefore, the familiarity with it should be at least comprehensive and specific. So, next, we will continue to do the learning work so that everyone can have the learning content, and then, to complete the work as soon as possible.

1. Plastic turnover boxes, what are some as long as tens of dollars, and some have hundreds of dollars?

Plastic turnover box, a kind of turnover box, the main reason for the price difference is that it is on the raw materials, because the quality of the raw materials and raw materials used will affect the price of the plastic turnover box. So, there will be a difference in price.

2. If you are producing a plastic crates, then what are the ones that must be used? In addition, does the manufacturer need production qualifications?

In the production of plastic turnover boxes, injection molding machines and molds are two must-have items. Moreover, this is a must for us to be clear. As for the manufacturer, it is not required to produce qualifications. However, if it is a food grade plastic crates, it is needed.

3. If the plastic turnover box is used in transportation, is there a requirement for the material? In addition, if the raw material of the plastic turnover box is high-density polyethylene, how long is the service life?

Plastic container, if it is transported, then apply a little material, so that it can be used for a long time. If the raw material is high-density polyethylene, then it can be used for one to two years, and it is completely problem-free.