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Which type of tote is used better and what is the problem?
- Jul 31, 2018 -

For the turnover box, in addition to the existing knowledge content, what should we learn and master? The main purpose of this question is to bring out the content of the article and let everyone learn in a targeted manner, so as to improve their learning efficiency, and also gain some progress and progress from learning.

1. Is it possible to have a turnover box with all the boxes?

From the current point of view, the manufacturers of the tote, in terms of specifications, are very complete, in order to meet different needs of use. Moreover, it can generally be covered, but if its size or size is too large, then it is possible that there is no corresponding cover to match it, so in this issue, it depends on the actual situation, not Good answer.

2. What are the taboos in the use of the turnover box? In addition, can I use the totes in the 100-level purification workshop?

Over-the-counter boxes, which have some contraindications during use, but one of the more important and important ones is to prohibit exposure, because it will accelerate the aging and degradation of the totes, and will also make The toughness, strength and viscosity of the turnover box are reduced, which greatly shortens its service life. In the 100-level purification workshop, the totes can be used, but keep them clean and clean.

3. Which kind of turnover box is better in actual use?

In the actual use process, the folding turnover box, that is, the folding turnover box, is better because it can effectively reduce the cost and save space. In terms of materials, it is generally HDPE and PP. In addition, in the process, it is mainly for injection molding.