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What is the profit of plastic turnover box production?
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Plastic turnover boxes are inseparable from many industries. For those who want to be dealers of plastic turnover box manufacturers, would you like to know the profit of plastic turnover boxes? Below Weihai Ducheng Plastics is based on the plastic turnover box market that you know. In some cases, what is the profit of plastic turnover box production?

First of all, when we talk about the profit of plastic turnover box, we must distinguish a concept. The sales profit of plastic turnover box is divided into two types, one is the normal price profit, and the other is the price profit under the market chaos. Let us first talk about the market chaos:

In general, the plastic turnover box produced by the new material is the best, followed by the mixture, and the quality of the plastic box produced by the waste is the worst. The standard manufacturers are produced according to customer needs. However, there are still some loopholes in the market: some small manufacturers shoddy, plastic crates produced with mixed materials or scraps are sold to customers according to the new material price, in order to damage the interests of customers and do a hammer sale.

At present, the plastic turnover box market is mixed, some manufacturers only pay attention to sales, regardless of quality, only to promote, do not do research and development; In addition, some buyers through the manufacturers or dealers to purchase rebates, making the price of plastic crates messy.

The above situation is currently the most common means of sales in the domestic plastic container market, and this unethical method can indeed make more money. Presumably, what is the normal channel sales and plastic turnover ratio? ?

According to the current price reference of the plastic turnover box market, the price of goods received from regular manufacturers, in addition to expenses, in general, the price range is about 10% to 30%, this profit ratio is a reasonable profit ratio.