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Use common sense of EU turnover box in supply chain
- Nov 14, 2018 -

First of all, the customer needs to confirm the way of sending out the turnover box with the supplier. Because in general, suppliers will take empty containers after delivery, so if the way of delivery is determined, they can arrange the corresponding person to check with the supplier's person. All EU containers will be docked and transferred before the product is put into storage. When suppliers take the containers, it is better to ask the supplier to provide docking orders. There will be differences in the turnover box number, affecting cooperation.

If the turnover box of the supplier can not be stored at that time, it needs to be temporarily stored in the customer site. So at the beginning of the supplier, we need to discuss with the customer to determine what responsibility the supplier EU turnover box should take when it is placed in the factory. It is best to determine the number of storage on-line, because customers and suppliers cooperate with more than one, if each supplier places a large number of turnover boxes on the customer's site, then customers will be in the maintenance of turnover boxes and warehouses provided for turnover boxes are gradually increasing pressure. So it's better to negotiate with the supplier about the upper limit of the storage quantity. Once the number of turnover boxes is approaching the upper limit, contact the supplier to remove the temporary turnover boxes when the next delivery.