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Types of plastic pallets
- Oct 29, 2018 -

1. in plastic pallet forming, which one is used more frequently or more frequently?

Plastic tray, which has a number of molding methods, but the more common or more used, is for injection molding. The plastic tray obtained by this molding method has a smooth surface and a compact texture. In addition, the degree of freedom in product design is also relatively large. In the specific products, there are two types of double-sided integral plastic trays and two-sided assembly plastic trays.

2.What is the clamping force of the 2. double-sided assembled plastic pallet in its manufacturing process? In addition, what plastic pallets can be used in the warehouse?

Double-sided assembled plastic tray, its manufacturing process in the clamping force, is generally required to be no less than 1500 tons. And in the warehouse, if the use of plastic trays, then there are nine feet, Sichuan characters, Tianzi and two-sided and so on. In size, there are 1111, 1210, 1208 and so on. If necessary, steel pipes can be added to the plastic tray.

3. plastic pallets light, medium and heavy, according to what is to be divided? Are there specific representatives?

The light, medium and heavy plastic pallets are divided according to the weight of the pallet itself. If it's light, it's 6-10 kg, mainly in the form of nine feet; medium, it's 10-20 kg, mainly in the form of Chuanzi and Tianzi; and heavy, it's more than 20 kg, and double-sided.