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Technical innovation is the top priority in pp hollow board industry
- Jan 19, 2019 -

With the increasingly stringent requirements of environmental protection and the rise of cartons, the development prospects of the hollow board industry are very good.

  1. Technological innovation. Efforts to design and develop new products, such as Jingdong's clearance plan, have given the hollow board industry a shot in the arm. Fashion design and exquisite craftsmanship are bound to be Cause all walks of life to follow suit. So technological innovation is the most important. Making hollow board with flatter surface and higher hardness is one of the trends of the industry.

  2. Quality perseverance. There must be hollow board factories that can adhere to quality. Like Zhisen, we will never stick to the bottom line of quality without making low-cost and low-quality products. Because in the eye.In the pre-information age, word-of-mouth often determines the survival of an enterprise.

  3. The technological innovation of machinery and equipment can reduce the cost greatly, which requires the efforts of upstream enterprises.