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No matte or pitting on the surface of pp hollow sheet
- Oct 05, 2018 -

The surface of high quality pp hollow sheet is glossy, brightness is relatively high, and many hollow panel surface on the market is rough and glossy, the surface even has a lot of pits, finger touch can feel the obvious bump feeling, leading to this situation the following reasons.

1. The raw material of the hollow board is not good. There are too many recycled materials in the raw material, and it is also inferior recycled material, even mixed with impurities in the middle. The hollow board produced by this way certainly has no luster, and even has a peculiar smell, and the quality is very poor.

2. Hollow plate processing equipment is not available, hollow plate production process in the temperature and pressure requirements are very high, unqualified equipment must be the production of unqualified hollow plate, this situation only replaced equipment.

3. The production environment of the hollow board is not good, the environment is too dirty, too much suspended particles and dust will certainly affect the quality of the hollow bar.

The above is the reason why the hollow surface is dull or pock marked. Welcome samples to factory inspection.