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What are the characteristics of plastic folding boxes?
- Nov 06, 2018 -

First, the standardization of product specifications, on this basis, can better achieve information standardization, process standardization, operation standardization, time standardization, in order to fully realize the standardization of logistics transportation and warehousing and distribution.

Secondly, the products are of high quality. According to the relevant data, a folding turnover box from normal use to partial maintenance, to the overall scrap, usually five years or more, recycling or leasing can significantly reduce procurement costs and save resources.

Thirdly, products can effectively use space. Plastic folding turnover boxes can be stacked and stacked to improve the utilization of space. When empty boxes are folded, about 75% of the use space can be saved. There is also a door opening design for easy access to goods, instead of struggling to move the turnover box down.

Most importantly, the plastic folding turnover box can carry intelligent equipment to achieve automation, intelligence, traceability and other functions.