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stacking requirements for plastic turnover boxes?
- Dec 20, 2018 -

1. What are the stacking requirements of plastic turnover boxes? In addition, how much space can be saved by folding and folding logistics turnover boxes?

The specific words of the stacking requirements of plastic turnover boxes are: empty containers can be folded and stacked, and warehouses can be stacked neatly. For foldable logistics switchboxes, some space can be saved after folding. Generally speaking, only 1/5-1/3 of the original area can be qualified.

2. Does the plastic turnover box fold? Is there any advantage in using it?

There is a foldable plastic turnover box, so in Question 1, the answer is yes, which is a more common question. And this kind of logistics turnover box, called foldable turnover box, in use, although a single investment will be relatively high, but follow-up, can save storage space and logistics costs.

3. What grade of steel can be used in the mould of plastic turnover box? Is logistics turnover box important?

In the plastic turnover box, there are many moulds at the steel level, such as 45, 40Cr, P20, 2738, 2316, and 718. However, P20 and 718 are more commonly used because they are better in performance and effectiveness than the other. Mold is very important for plastic turnover box, because it is related to the use of mould and the quality of turnover box products.