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Selection of load-carrying box type and injection molding machine specifications
- Jul 31, 2018 -

The turnover box, which is an important product in the website, is to be taken seriously and carried out in terms of learning attitude, so that you can make your own learning, not nothing. In the following, we will continue to carry out its work, which reflects the importance of the product, and at the same time, allows everyone to make progress and development on their learning path.

1. The load-bearing capacity of the turnover box, is it divided between moving and static? In addition, can it be used in synchronization with plastic pallets?

The load-bearing capacity of the turnover box is divided into dynamic and static, that is, it has two kinds of static load and dynamic load. Moreover, the static load is to directly place the item in the tote box, and then check whether the tote box will be deformed or broken, and then judge. And if it is a standard size, it can be used synchronously with the plastic tray to facilitate unit management and improve management efficiency.

 2. In which factories, will I use the totes?

Generally speaking, in factories such as toys, daily necessities, cosmetics, electronic appliances, hardware, clothing, shoes, and food, the totes are used, and they are frequently used. Its main role is to carry out operations such as warehousing, transportation and turnover. Therefore, it is an important and necessary tool.

3. Does the turnover box use the injection molding machine during the manufacturing process?

In the production process of the turnover box, the injection molding machine is used. Therefore, the answer is yes on this question. Moreover, the appropriate injection molding machine and the appropriate specifications should be selected according to the wall thickness of the tote, so as to ensure the product quality of the tote.