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The pp hollow sheet plays a decisive role in the quality of the pp hollow sheet turnover box.
- Oct 11, 2018 -

At present, there are many domestic manufacturers of pp hollow sheet, but because of the different production equipment and process, the performance of the hollow plates produced by everyone in various indicators is also very different, we contact the pp hollow sheet are generally through its deep processing products, such as hollow plate turnover box, hollow plates is its main raw material.

The production of the pp hollow sheet turnover box is very simple. It is made of  pp hollow sheet and all kinds of spare parts. First of all, there must be a pp hollow board, and then according to the design of the box to make a knife mold, knife mold made on the installation of beer above the beer line, beer out of shape is the assembly molding reinforcement (wired lamp, rivets, ultrasonic welding), around can be reinforced with plastic strips, aluminum alloy reinforcement. Plastic cover or canvas can also be used as a dust cover. This is the whole process of producing hollow plate turnover box. Is it very simple? The quality of the hollow plate directly determines the quality of the turnover box.

Therefore, the hollow plate has a decisive effect on the quality of the hollow plate turnover box.