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Why can pp hollow board replace paper separators?
- Oct 16, 2018 -

Before the development and application of plastic hollow partitions, paper separators are the most widely used in freight transportation. Paperboard is afraid of water, dampness, perishable, most of the glass bottles are filled with liquids, in the transport process due to poor anti-seismic performance of cardboard, glass bottles are easy to break, cardboard is not waterproof, although the price is cheap, but can not guarantee the quality of product transport, so it may increase the cost, so only one-time use, and plastic Hollow partition board solves the shortcomings of paperboard, plastic hollow partition board can also be used repeatedly, long service life. After being damaged, the factory can also be recycled and recycled, not only playing a role in environmental protection, but also reducing the cost.

So now the international community like to use this safe, environmentally friendly plastic hollow partition, the traditional paper partition is out of the market.