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Advantages of PP Hollow Board in Packaging Material Market
- Jan 16, 2019 -

PP hollow sheet, as a packaging material, has the advantages of convenient stacking of paper packaging materials, moisture resistance and water repellency and foam resistance of foam foam bags. It also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, tensile resistance and good bending performance. Because of its special structure and production technology, PP hollow plate has good insulation and sound insulation effect, and can also add different ingredients to produce no. The same purpose packaging materials, such as adding antistatic agents, can produce antistatic hollow board packaging materials. If conductive agents are added, conductive hollow board packaging materials will be formed. It can also add color masterbatch to produce PP hollow boards of different colors, which have beautiful appearance and atmosphere, and provide more color-rich product packaging materials for users.

PP hollow board has been widely used in the field of packaging materials, and gradually began to replace the ordinary paper carton and styrofoam foam box of a new packaging material. The PP hollow plate packaging material covers the advantages of ordinary paper box and foam foam box, while paper box and foam box can not reach the practicality of PP hollow plate packing box. In the field of packaging materials in the future, PP hollow board will be a new packaging material for environmental protection and resource saving. PP hollow board is green, non-toxic, harmless and tasteless PP raw materials and reusable, recycling and reuse, which are all new packaging materials that can reduce environmental pollution.