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PP Hollow Board features and application
- Feb 12, 2019 -

PP Hollow Board features:

1.Non-toxic, tasteless;
2.Environmentally friendly and pollution-free;
3.Protect from moisture and corrosion;
4.Light weight, tensile strength, high strength and other properties;
5.The surface can be printed or pasted;
6.Different colors can be produced according to requirements;
7.By adding a flame retardant, the hollow board produced can reach the fire-extinguishing effect on the flame retardant effect.

PP plastic hollow board application:

1. Advertising board;
2. Recycling bins, including recycling bins, turnover boxes, fruit and vegetable crates, storage bins, and stationery boxes in various industries;
3. Industrial board, including wire and cable outer packaging protection, glass, steel plate, various items outer packaging protection, pad, shelf, partition, bottom plate, partition card, etc.;
4. Protection board, the era of building materials in the construction of cardboard and plywood is gone forever. With the advancement of the times and the improvement of taste, to ensure the integrity of the decoration design before the completion of the construction, appropriate protection should be given to maintain the operation. Economical, safe and convenient, as well as protection of the building's elevators and floors before acceptance.