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Polypropylene plate sheet characteristics and advantages
- Sep 03, 2018 -

1..disadvantages of paper products:

(1) during the transportation, the friction between the beverage bottle mouth and the paper tray is likely to produce paper scraps. The tiny paper scraps fall into the bottle, causing pollution to the beverage bottle and causing quality problems.

(2) less turnover, with a maximum turnover of 2-3 times per pallet, and high packaging cost.

(3) it is not waterproof, and it is easy to loose and collapse when packed in wet weather.

2.advantages of PP plastic hollow plate

(1)during delivery and transportation, when the drink bottle mouth is in contact with the hollow plate, there will be no waste paper particles, which ensures product quality and smooth delivery.

(2)Polypropylene plate sheet can be cleaned, which can be used for many times, and the packaging cost is greatly reduced.

(3)Polypropylene plate sheet is not afraid of water and can be used in wet weather.

(4)long service life of Polypropylene plate sheet and repeated use of gram. 

(5)Polypropylene plate sheet can be added with auxiliary materials in the production mode according to the needs of customers to make the hollow plate conductive or anti-static, and its application range is more extensive.