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Plastic turnover box product brief
- Jul 31, 2018 -

The plastic turnover box is a reusable packaging container that plays a vital role in the production, workshop and commodity circulation.

Plastic turnover boxes have high requirements in some special industries. For example, the food industry has higher requirements for plastic turnover boxes, most of which require white, and cannot be recycled due to white. Companies are also required to issue reports on the safe use of the food industry. In the process of transporting auto parts, there are special requirements for the quality of the turnover box. The box body usually has reinforcing ribs, and the thickness of the box wall is usually above 3mm.

The production of plastic turnover boxes is mostly injection-molded, so side holes and undercuts should be avoided on the side walls as much as possible, and the draft angle of 5-10 degrees should be set. Since the bottom is often a large plane, the bottom is often a large plane. The deformation preventing structure should be appropriately set; sometimes, in order to reduce the weight of the entire plastic turnover box, the tank wall and the bottom of the box can be designed in a grid shape.